Rêve d’un Jardin / Luxembourg à Paris (Taken with Instagram)

Rêve d’un Jardin / Luxembourg à Paris (Taken with Instagram)

Wow! Is that a pen?

"After just days with a Galaxy Note, my forearms have never been so toned, and my apartment’s never been so bare. Is it a tablet? Is it a phone? It’s everything. Next up: surfing. Literally.”

High Schools Are Step One Of Two


Apple, by going high school first, is applying the heat to university textbook publishers and bookstores. They are saying “Fine. If you won’t work with us, then we’ll empower a generation to change your industry for you.”

And they will.

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RIM's present situation in a nutshell

RIM’s new CEO, who is tasked with turning around the company:



Crazy like a fox

What if Google has decided that search engines will not be as valuable as a social graph and have decided to prioritize Google+?  In that case, strategies that help Google+ grow and get better at the cost of Google’s search engine would make sense. Crazy like a fox perhaps.

The question that Google should be asking is: Are people going to be using search engines in 10 years? Blind devotion to their original search product forever is stupid. They need to keep their eyes open and be prepared to pivot if necessary. Look at RIM with their keyboard based smartphones. RIM hands down makes the best keyboards in the business, so they have a lock on the market of people who demand great keyboards in their smartphones (also the BBM thing). For a while they were king of the hill, but now that market is tiny compared to the market for people who want full touch smartphones and great web/app environments. RIM stayed true to their original product vision and as a result they missed the boat.

The strategy should be dictated by the expected future value of the social graph of Google+ vs. Google’s search engine.


Craig Damrauer’s New Math


Craig Damrauer’s New Math

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The intangibles of iOS


She was cute.

Maybe too cute. When I leaned over to talk to her, I wouldn’t have been offended to hear another passenger mumble, “She’s out of your league, pal.”

But this wasn’t that sort of opening line. The girl sitting across from me on the train had a Samsung Galaxy S (something something, I…

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